Virtual Reality is the Ultimate Hairdressing School!


Virtual Reality is guaranteed to change the way we view the world in a whole bunch of different ways, but hairdressing was one we hadn’t considered!

L’Oreal has created a new part of its Matrix Academy which is all about teaching hairstylists. Previously this had included distance learning with resources like YouTube videos but they presented a problem for students who really wanted to get up close and personal while the teacher was working.

So they decided to try out VR. Using a headset and a room-like volume, students can step into a session with a photorealistic stylist and model and view the progress from every angle. They can even step into the shoes of the stylist for a first person view.

It’s a revolution in hairstylist training and one which presented all kinds of challenges, including modelling real human hair in a way which would be realistic enough to convince in a fully VR environment!

This is yet another example of the creative ways in which Virtual Reality is being used today, and a glimpse at how important it will be in the future.

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[image credit – L’Oreal] 

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