Soon Meetings Will be Held in Virtual Reality


Meetings are about to get a lot more interesting with the arrival of full virtual reality systems.

Instead of filing into a stuffy room or trying to make yourself heard on a crowded conference call, users will be able to just slip on a virtual reality headset anywhere in the world, beaming instantly into a shared space for collaboration and creativity.

There you’ll not only be able to talk and interact with the digital avatars of your colleagues but also create virtual systems which can be used in countless different ways.

For example your presentation can transform from a simple collection of 2D slides to a full on 3D experience, helping to illustrate your points in much more vivid ways. And every member of the meeting will be able to interact with your work in real time.

As an example, you can see an early version of this kind of technology in this video from Holojam at New York University.

It’s a very basic look at what might be possible in the future, using Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headsets and antenna which can be picked up sensors to translate into motion. It’s easy to see the application of this kind of tech, in this case allowing for the creation of 3D art in mid air.

The future of meetings could be virtual, and you can even decide what you want to look like!

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