Google and IMAX Creating Breathtaking 360 Degree Experiences


360 degree video is here and even your humble smartphone is capable of creating content which is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets. From there, users can look around in any direction they like, bringing entirely new interactive experiences to life.

Right now, these photos and videos aren’t always of the highest quality as the technology is only really in its infancy but we’re going to see more and more advanced ways of creating 360 degree experiences.

And that includes breathtaking visuals which will come about thank to a collaboration between Google and IMAX.

The tech giant is teaming up with the huge display experts to create a custom built camera which will deliver the highest image quality possible, and viewable in 360 degrees without distortion.

This is a perfect project for IMAX, a company which has a history of delivering visually stunning movies to their large screens. A new camera would enable them to create unique videos and to show them off in a totally new way.

It’s not yet known how the technology will work within the existing IMAX experience but it could potentially involve the use of VR headsets during select scenes in blockbuster movies – like a wide ranging action sequences where audiences could look wherever they want.

The future of VR for entertainment is very exciting indeed!

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