Samsung VR Story Teller – the Future of Bedtime Stories?


The applications of virtual reality technology are practically boundless, and Samsung is set to use it to bring people closer together.

Samsung Bedtime VR Stories is a new development which uses the Gear VR headset to recreate the magical moment of reading a story to your child at bedtime for those who are far apart.

So if you can’t be with your child when its time to go to sleep, you’ll be able to slip on a VR headset and help them to drift off with a magical story and your own voice and presence.

These stories can be personalised just for your little one and provide a real sense of connection for parents who are travelling or working late. And the power of VR makes for a pretty amazing journey as well.

The first Bedtime VR Story is called ‘The Most Wonderful Place to Be’ and it’s available now. Watch the video below to get a taste of how it works.

Of course it would be ideal if you could be with your child every night, but this experience can help retain a sense of closeness with your voice and to keep the continuity of this important nightly ritual alive.

This is just a glimpse at one of the many applications of virtual reality in bringing people and families closer together, quite apart from the way it is set to be utilised in movies, gaming and the wider industrial world.

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