Play Minecraft in Virtual Reality!


Minecraft is a fabulously addictive game about a totally open world where you can build anything you brain could possibly imagine – from a one room shack to a sprawling metropolis. You can even work on these amazing projects with a group of friends online, and there’s a version being made for schools which shows off the educational aspects of being able to shape your own world.

Now Minecraft is getting even better with the addition of Virtual Reality support. With the power of the Oculus Rift headset, you’ll be able to step into the universe you’ve created. You’ll see every block you bash, even tiny piece you put together one small step at a time. And you’ll then be able to fly high into the air to get a bird’s eye view of your masterpiece.

With Rift, moving your head will look around the game world, giving you an entirely new perspective on the action. It might even help to open up new possibilities in building which you never thought of before, and is certain to make encounters with Creepers even more terrifying.

Microsoft is the company which owns Minecraft and they’ve announced a version of the game will be coming to Rift, though there’s no release date yet. With the Virtual Reality headset launching around the world in the next couple of months, we’d expect to see the game available very soon.

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