Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Promises Galactic Tours!

The Virtual Reality revolution is most certainly here, with 2016 seeing the launch of multiple headsets and systems for home use.

But it won’t just be used at home, virtual reality is going to be a huge part of our entertainment world in the very near future. And that includes bringing a new dimension to roller coasters!

Alton Towers in the UK has announced that they’re working on the first ever full roller coaster to use virtual reality to enhance your ride. The attraction is called Galactica and you’ll not only board in an inverted position to feel like you’re flying but you’ll also be fully immersed in a VR headset.

From there, guests will be thrust out into space on a journey around the galaxy, and beyond as the ride whirls them around stars and planets for three minutes. It sounds pretty epic!

It’s interesting to note that you actually won’t be required to wear the headset – the ride will still be a thrilling experience without them, but the best version combines the stunning visuals with thrilling motion for a truly inter-galactic trip.

Galactica is set to open in April 2016 at Alton Towers in the UK.

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