Get This Christmas To Take Off With Our Drone Guide


Drones are going to be a big gift this Christmas. With so much advancement and competition in the field it’s an incredibly exciting time for Unmanned Aerial Photography and Video.

With so many different drones to choose from, we have compiled our pick of drones for every budget and skill

The Complete Beginner

Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone

When it comes to drones it is better to start off with a cheaper smaller drone to get used to the controls of flying in the first place. You don’t want to sink a big chunk of change into a drone and then crash on it’s maiden voyage into the eve-run of your house and never fly again.


There are so many things to get used to, how it moves in the air, how wind affects it, using the controls, or even how to think when flying a drone can be difficult.


This drone from Kaiser Baas is the perfect entry into the field. The drone is lightweight and portable while still giving all of the features to teach someone all of the skills they need to become a better drone pilot.


Add on the 720p camera capable of capturing 30 frames a second and with it’s ease of setup, this drone is a real bargain.

The Intermediate

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

This is the next step up when it comes to flying a drone. The Bebop 2 has a camera capable of getting 1080p video as well as coming with the signature cockpit-goggles which allow you to see through the drones lens so you can fly from a first person perspective.


This will not only allow you to feel like you are a pilot, but also give you more intuitive control over the camera, and allow you to capture the shots you need.


With a range of a staggering 1.2 miles you won’t have to worry too much about it going out of range. Battery life shouldn’t be too much of an issue as on a single charge on battery can get you up to 25 minutes of flight time.

The Pro

3DR Solo

This drone is very exciting. Paired with a gopro for video this drone can help you to pull off the shots you always hoped you were capable of. With intuitive controls to both fly and operate the camera gimbal you will be able to capture cinematic video you never thought you were capable of.

The Next Level

Parrot Disco FPV

Not happy to abide by traditional drone shapes the Parrot Disco is more like something you would race than use to capture good video. But capture good video it does with a 1080p camera, 45 minutes of flight time and a top speed of an incredible 80 KMPH.


So maybe you can both race it and do video at the same time. Also included are the cockpit-goggles which give you the first person view of the drone as it races over the terrain and catches some of the most beautiful and dynamic shots you are likely to catch on a drone.

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