GoPro Launches New Cameras and First Ever Drone


GoPro has had a busy day, showing off a range of new products including stepping into the exciting world of drones for the first time.

First up is their latest action camera, the Hero 5 Session. It inherits the great design from last year’s Session camera which includes a body that’s waterproof without a case to a depth of more than 30 feet.

That’s a great addition and you’ll also find 4K video recording, 10MP photos, timelapses and new video stabilisation all in a tiny body with simple to use one touch controls.

The Hero 5 Black is GoPro’s new flagship and it’s also fully waterproof out of the box with a gorgeous new design. This model also has a new two inch touchscreen for advanced controls, including trimming and editing on the fly.

That’s on top of 30fps 4K video capture and 12MP photos, including RAW image files for the first time. That gives you more editing options and this model has built in GPS too.

Both new GoPro cameras feature another new innovation in the form of voice control. You can just shout at your camera to get it to start recording, take a photo or even mark an awesome moment to come back to!

GoPro is also introducing a new cloud service which automatically syncs your footage and snaps and can help with editing anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

That’s not all, with GoPro showing off their first ever drone- the Karma.

This is a gorgeous new concept in the competitive drone world, featuring a foldable design and a carrying case that makes for a neat travelling companion. There’s also an easy to use controller which comes with a full training suite.

The Karma includes advanced image stabilisation courtesy of its Grip arm which ensures gorgeously smooth footage in flight. Better still you can detach this arm to use the extra stabilisation while you’re walking around- you can even mount it to your car, bike or small child!

It’s all about making drone flying accessible to everyone, with all the help you need to capture stunning footage without worrying about crashing. That includes fancy camera moves that you can plot automatically while you get on with your action packed life.

These new cameras and the Karma drone are set to launch later in 2016 at Harvey Norman. We’ll have more news soon.

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