Parrot Disco Drone Video – CES 2016


The drones were back at CES 2016, with all kinds of tiny craft flying around the stands in Las Vegas.

One which grabbed a lot of headlines was the latest from Parrot, the Disco. And it’s impressive for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that it’s one of the first ‘fixed wing’ consumer drones to go on the market.

That gives it a unique look and, far more importantly, means it’s much more efficient on battery life. That means the Disco will be capable of flying for a massive 45 minutes on a single charge, and at speeds of up to 80 kilometers an hour!

Here’s a video one of our friends took of the Disco in action at CES 2016.

The Parrot Disco also features a 14 megapixel camera in the nose cone that will take gorgeous pics and 1080p video capability. With the speeds its capable of flying at and those high quality optics and a three axis stabiliser, you should be able to get breathtaking imagery.

The drone can also be hooked up to Parrot’s skycontroller  letting you live stream images over Wi-Fi or you could use the FPV glasses to see in first person what it’s like to fly. Parrot is billing the Disco a being incredibly easy to fly, with advanced autopilot mechanisms and the ability to program a route on your smartphone.

The Parrot Disco will be available in 2016, pricing to be confirmed.

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