Drones at CES 2016


We’re big fans of drones and there’s no indication that they’re going to disappear from the skies or our YouTube feed any time soon. A number of companies took to CES this year to show off new and exciting developments and products.

Parrot is one of the go-to names in the market and it looks set to introduce plenty of beginners to the joy of using a drone. The Parrot Disco is a drone that you throw into the air to get it off the ground and it’ll turn itself until you assume control of it. Once it’s in the air, the Disco has a range of sensors to keep it up there even if you make a mistake.

The press release says that the Parrot Disco is “the first wing-shaped drone you can pilot with no learning process.” It adds that the drone “is as easy to pilot as playing a video game.”



Intel is another drone manufacturer that wants to ensure your shiny new drone stays safe. It demonstrated a drone, the Typhoon H,  that detected and avoided a fallen object. It uses infrared lasers to detect the distance of nearby things and will take evasive action itself if necessary.

Meanwhile, a Belgian start-up wants to ensure that those around you are safe when you’re flying your drone. The Fleye keeps all its moving parts inside a cage, which is covered by a protective grid. This, according to the company, means that it can bump into people without the risk of injury.

If you’re more in the market for something that you could use to capture professional videos, DJI’s portfolio may be to your liking. It introduced a new colour for the Inspire 1, while its Phantom 3 4K is pitched as a more affordable version of the flagship Phantom drone. Unlike its predecessor, the Phantom 3 4K utilises Wi-Fi, which means you get a lower resolution stream and less range, but it still produces exceptional footage.

It promises to be an exciting, and surprisingly accessible, year for drones.

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