Fly High with the Fitbit Flyer


Keeping your headphones in place while working out can be a bit of a nightmare at times, and can be quite distracting if you’re trying to concentrate and give it all you’ve got.

The days of loose headphones are over however, as the Fitbit Flyer has finally arrived at Harvey Norman.

Billed as the ultimate wireless headphones for fitness, the Fitbit Flyer is an incredibly comfortable and secure pair of headphones that delivers premium audio with a deep bass and an impressive level of clarity, plus the awesome Power Boost mode from Waves sound technologies.

The Fitbit Flyer’s sweatproof design is perfect for even the toughest of workouts and can withstand the elements with ease.

Whether you’re working out in scorching sun, lashing rain, whipping wind or even snowfall, you can rest assured knowing the Fitbit Flyer will keep you connected to your favourite songs, and thanks to the headphones long-lasting 6 hour playtime and quick charge feature, you can keep going for longer.

The Fitbit Flyer features Bluetooth connectivity so you can instantaneously connect to whatever Bluetooth device you store your music on such as your smartphone, and quickly switch between devices at the press of a button.

Additionally, the Fitbit Flyer features interchangeable ear tips, wings and fins, so you can find the most comfortable and secure fit for your ears with the greatest sound quality achievable by a pair of wireless headphones.

Thanks to the headphones’ built-in dual microphone with music and call controls, you can chat to friends on the fly while working out, and the Fitbit Flyer is compatible with smart assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, enabling you to issue voice commands like ‘Call home’ while on the go.

The Fitbit Flyer is an amazing pair of wireless headphones and the ultimate choice for workouts and exercise routines of all calibres.

For the very best in wireless headphones, shop in-store or online.

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