Upgrade to an OLED TV with Flexi-Fi


The future of home entertainment has arrived, and thanks to Harvey Norman’s forward-thinking Flexi-Fi payment plan anybody can afford it.

We’re talking of course about the LG OLED TV, an incredibly powerful OLED television and one of the most critically acclaimed TVs on the market.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes, a type of light emitting technology used in very best televisions money can buy.

Compared to the traditional LED models found in most homes today, OLED TVs offer a visible improvement in picture quality and can be housed in a much thinner display.

At Harvey Norman, we have two stunning LG OLED TVs for you to choose from, a beautiful 55-inch model plus an unrivalled 65-inch model.

Due to the 55-inch model’s impressively slim design, this TV can be slotted into any décor or interior style.

It supports premium HDR (high-dynamic range) content, which is essentially the highest quality you can get for TV shows and movies, and features Dolby Atmos audio for a cinema-like audio experience.

The 65-inch model on the other hand comes with its very own built-in soundbar, offering an even greater adventure in audio, while the larger display understandably provides one of the biggest home viewing experiences available today.

Both TVs feature the WebOS smart TV operating system, so you can access all your favourite streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, plus other web services like YouTube.

If you’d love to upgrade your current home entertainment system but are concerned about the price of these unbeatable TVs then you’ll be happy to hear that LG’s OLED TVs are available through Flexi-Fi, a retail instalment payment plan for home appliances.

A quick and easy alternative to paying by cash or credit card, Flexi-Fi requires no deposit and you can be approved in minutes for interest free finance of up to €15,000!

Harvey Norman is the only retailer in Ireland offering Flexi-Fi for household appliances and products, as we want our customers to enjoy the best of the best regardless of price.

For more information about Flexi-Fi, please visit our Finance Options.

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