The Best Apps of September 2017


Another month down and another month of glorious smartphone apps as September saw the release of a snappy note-taking app, Enlight’s brand new video app and a very useful split-screen app for Android. Don’t forget to check out our previous entries!


Notin is the busy man’s note-taking application of choice. Unlike traditional note-taking apps that require you to write and save your notes within an app interface, Notin is kept and accessed in your notification menu so you simply have to pull down your notifications to write, save and pin a note to your homescreen. Pinned notes remain on your homescreen until dismissed, and the app is very simple-to-use and easy on the eye. Download it for Android devices today.

Enlight Videoleap

We covered Enlight’s Quickshot photo app in last month’s blog, and in the time since that app’s debut Enlight have released another app, this time one for video editing. Enlight Videoleap features lots of video editing tools you wouldn’t expect to find in a free app, such as keyframe animations, green screen chroma key compositing and whole suite of special effects. Regular editing tools like trim and crop are all present, plus usable stock footage, mini-tutorials and full screen previews. Download Enlight Videoleap on iOS now.

Split-Screen Creator

The final app of today’s roundup offers a handy feature designed to save you time and hassle moving back and forth between two apps. Split-Screen Creator unsurprisingly splits your smartphone screen in half for a split-window mode that allows you to use two apps at the same time. It’s very similar in function to the Galaxy Note 8’s ‘App Pair’ feature, and launches two apps simultaneously so you can access and use both apps in an instant. It’s available to download on Android now.

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