Sony Updates its VR Headset


Sony is working on an updated version of the company’s highly successful PlayStation VR headset.

The Japanese tech giant announced that a hardware update is being prepared for the PS VR headset in a blog posted over the weekend, and revealed what new changes we can expect from the updated model.

It features a revamped design complete with integration of stereo headphone cables plus a slimmer, streamlined connection cable.

Whereas the original PS VR headset comes with a pair of separate headphones you can connect via a volume control on the headset’s main cable, the updated model features built-in stereo earbuds for a much more natural fit.

Similarly, the updated model’s connection cable is slimmer and lighter than the original’s.

The inclusion of these two features drastically reduces the size of the headset’s cables and keeps things nice and neat, ensuring you don’t have to worry about untangling cables whenever you want to step into a virtual world.

It’s a smart move on Sony’s behalf, as the number of cables required to connect and use the PS VR headset was a bit of a sticking point for some gamers.

Additionally, the updated model features a new Processor Unit that supports HDR passthrough, something which was missing from the original headset.

It meant that you had to unplug the headset from your PS4 if you wanted to enjoy HDR content, but thankfully this is no longer necessary.

News of an updated PS VR headset comes just days ahead of the first year anniversary of the original headset’s launch and it’s likely Sony will want to further capitalise on the PS VR’s first birthday.

The new and improved PS VR headset is compatible with all existing PS VR games and will be priced the same as the original model.

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