Facebook Updates ‘M’


Following its initial launch back in 2015, Facebook has slowly and steadily added new features and services to its Messenger AI assistant, M.

This continued this week when the social media giant brought three new suggestion services to Messenger users in the United States.

Designed to make Messenger more fun and easier to use, the new suggestion services should hopefully also get more people using the M AI assistant.

The first new feature is GIF suggestions, which are provided when you write common expressions such as ‘I love you’ in group or one-to-one messages.

A small bar containing GIF suggestions automatically pops up as your write a common phrase, showing all related and relevant GIFs for that particular phrase.

The GIF suggestions feature is a smart inclusion when you consider the popularity of this form of media, and one that will likely draw new users to Messenger.

The next new suggestion service is M suggestions for quick replies, which provides simple replies such as ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I think so’ to questions asked in one-on-one conversations.

It’s designed to help users reply to important messages when they don’t really have the time to look at their smartphone, which is a pretty handy feature and one that many people will find of use.

The final suggestion service added to M’s repertoire of features is M suggestions for the new Fandango chat extension.

Whenever a movie is suggested within a Messenger conversation, M will automatically recommend you open the Fandango chat extension so you can watch a trailer for the movie and find showing times.

This information can then be sent to the Messenger conversation, ultimately saving users time when trying to organise a film outing.

While these new M suggestion services for Facebook Messenger are only available to US users for the time being, they’ll probably roll out to European users in the near future.

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