Apple Watch Series 3 Review


Apple may have only revealed the Apple Watch Series 3 during last week’s special iPhone event in Cupertino, California, but the technology giant obviously believes it has another winner on its hands as shipping for the smartwatch starts tomorrow.

We’re pleased to report that the third generation of the Apple Watch smartwatch does exactly what it says on the tin.


The biggest selling point of the Apple Watch Series 3, and a first-time feature for Apple, is the smartwatches built-in LTE (4G) cellular connectivity, enabling owners to essentially use their Apple Watch Series 3 as a smartphone replacement. This cellular model however will not be available upon release in Ireland as they still await an operator to come on board to support the 4G version. It is expected to be available at some stage next year.

While previous iterations of the Apple Watch Series 3 have supported smartphone pairing, this is the first Apple smartwatch to allow owners to make and receive phone calls and send messages and emails via the watch alone.

Phone calls sound loud and clear (once there’s adequate network coverage), and you can reply to messages and emails on the Watch interface.

The device is also aimed towards fitness enthusiasts and comes with a pretty nifty health and fitness companion complete with intelligent coaching features, 50 metres water resistance and a brand new barometric altimeter.

Of course, you need an iPhone to initially set up the device, but once done you can effectively say goodbye to your smartphone and strap on your brand new smartwatch.

All in all the Apple Watch Series 3 is a pretty competent smartwatch ideal for health buffs and people who want a smaller and simpler alternative to the smartphone.

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