And Apple’s Top App of 2014 Is…


As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time for all and sundry to start making their ‘best-of’ lists.

And that includes Apple, who have chosen to put the spotlight on a single app which it has crowned the ‘Best iPhone App of 2014’.

And the winner is… Elevate! It’s the brain training app which features a series of games and tests which are designed to improve your memory but do it in a way which is slick and beautifully and incredibly accessible.

The 25 mini games on offer are all designed with an eye on aesthetics but that doesn’t mean they forget the challenge – it’s all about making each test difficult enough to give you a real sense of achievement when you complete it.

There’s plenty to do, with daily challenges and the ability to set up notifications to help you keep on top of everything else in your life. If you’re looking for the top rated brain training app on the app store, look no further than Elevate.

Head to the iTunes page to find out more.

In Short: Apple has combed through their millions of apps and picked their top mobile application for 2014, which might just make you smarter!

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