Wearable Technology Popularity Growing Slowly in Europe


For quite a while now we’ve been hearing that we’re entering into the age of wearable technology but it seems not everyone is quite there yet.

With the proliferation of smartwatches and fitness trackers, wearable technology has arrived on the world stage. And it’s an amazing leap forward in terms of the miniaturisation of technology and the connected nature of every part of our lives.

But a new report suggests that mainstream users don’t feel quite ready for this emerging field. A survey by J.P. Gownder found that a good number of people can foresee a time when they would engage with a wearable but there’s a real split across the globe.

45 percent of Americans said they would be interested in using a wearable, compared to just 32 percent of European respondents. That’s quite the split, but still quite a high figure for such a new form of interaction and communication.

To date, fitness tackers have been a major entry point into the wearable market – they’re generally easy to use and provide understandable metrics for those looking to improve their health. There’s no product which will be more important to the future of wearable technology than the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple has a history of bringing previously niche products into the mainstream – like the iPhone and the iPad – and a confident release of the Watch will cause consumers to flock to the new device.

2015 could finally be the year of the wearable.

Click here to read more about the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch could arrive as early as March 2015, see the range of wearable tech on offer at Harvey Norman here.

In Short: Wearable technology is set to be the emerging technology of 2015, especially with the launch of the Apple Watch on the horizon

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