Highlights from IFA Berlin 2017


The IFA Berlin, also known as the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, is Europe’s equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show and one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany. This year’s event has just finished and featured a wide range of tech products set to see widespread consumer adoption in the coming months. From smart speakers to 8K TVs, our two-part blog takes a look at the biggest announcements from IFA Berlin 2017.

Sony LF-S50G Smart Speaker

2018 is swiftly shaping up to be the year of the smart speaker, and it seems that just about every major company in the tech world is working on their own device. Sony’s Google Assistant-supported smart speaker, the LF-S50G, drops in October and will be available in black and white colour variants. It’s not too different from the other smart speakers on the market i.e. it answers questions, set reminders and plays music, but it may be sold at a considerably lower price than rival models.

XZYprinting da Vinci Color Printer

XZYprinting’s da Vinci Color Printer is a table-top 3D printer designed specifically to 3D print figurines, toys, models and more. A kid-friendly and relatively easy-to-use 3D printer (compared to industrial printers), the XZYprinting da Vinci Color Printer is likely to become popular among hobbyists and people who play table-top games like Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons.

Sharp 8K TV

While the majority of us are still waiting to board the 4K TV train, electronics giant Sharp has been busy working on the next generation of home entertainment, the 8K TV. Offering a resolution that is 16 times great than that of a Full HD TV, Sharp’s 8K TV will undoubtedly knock the socks off every other television on the market when it eventually goes on sale.

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