The Best Apps of August 2017


August was another great month for new apps and saw the release of an Internet browser from Samsung, a comprehensive camera app and a super handy life hack app. Don’t forget to check out our entries for June and July for a rundown of the very best apps of the summer.

Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung Internet Browser is, as the name implies, an Internet browser from Samsung for Android devices. It’s a fairly sleek and straightforward mobile web browser with a special emphasis on user security and privacy. Some of the features present include Content Blockers that remove spam content from webpages, a Tab Swipe feature for quick and easy navigation between tabs, a Quick Menu for instant access to other features and a High Contrast Mode for increasing the level of contrast displayed on webpages. The Samsung Internet Browser app is available to download for free on Android devices only.

Enlight Quickshot

The original Enlight app is without a doubt one of the most popular photo editing apps of recent years, so it isn’t really too surprising to see that developer Lightricks Ltd. has decided to bring out its own dedicated camera app. It comes with a whole host of excellent features and camera modes like Strobe, HDR and Quickshot, plus a wide range of editing tools including filters, brightness, hue and more. Enlight Quickshot is a great camera app to use if you’re trying to create unique looking images, and is available to download for free on iOS now.

Life Hacks

A super handy app designed to make your everyday life easier, the Life Hacks app features more than 1000 life hacks that can be shared with friends and family and saved to your mobile device. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to save money, hack vending machines or just live your life to the fullest, the Life Hacks app will help you achieve your goals. It’s available to download for free on Android now.

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