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If you’re as tired of cables getting tangled or caught in objects as we are then you’ll be pleased with Beats’ Studio Wireless headphones.

Good-looking design is something that the iconic Beats’ headphones are renowned for and the Studio Wireless headphones are no different. The finish makes this headset seem a bit more premium than some of its counterparts and they come with a small cloth for buffing them, so you can keep them looking their best.

Carrying them around is significantly easier without cables, and while you could simply wear them around your neck at all times to fit in with pro athletes, the headphones fold up into an incredibly compact package.

Beats’ Studio Wireless headphones are better than ever. They produce booming lows, without being overwhelming, and vocals sound crisp and clear. The headphones are also capable of pumping out music at incredible volumes, though we’d advise caution. At the headphones’ maximum capabilities, sound gets a little distorted, but if you turn it down to a level on par with other headphones’ maximum levels, the sound is perfect.

These are active noise-canceling headphones, and boast two modes of “adaptive” noise cancellation. One mode is designed for music and offers “balanced” adaptive noise cancellation between your music and your environment. The other lets you shut out the world around you, though you can’t play music in this mode.

There’s no point in headphones looking good if you can’t wear them for too long. The Studio Wireless headphones provide incredible comfort with their soft leatherette ear cups that sit snugly around the ear, while a rubber strip under the headband pads the top of the head.

If you need to go wired at any time, a straight cord and one that features an Apple-friendly remote and microphone for calls are included. It’s worth noting that the headphones’ internal battery does need some charge for the headphones to work, wired or wirelessly.

The Beats brand is iconic at this stage and its Studio Wireless headphones are a step above what has gone before. Not only do they look good, but the headphones are outstanding from an audio point of view. Naturally, they lend themselves to particular genres more than others, but if booming bass notes are to your liking then the Studio Wireless headphones will tick all the boxes.

The Beats Studio Wireless headphones are available from Harvey Norman. Free delivery is available on all headphones over €100 at*.

In Short: Beats is an iconic brand, known for producing booming headphones with an attractive design. The Studio Wireless headphones live up to this and impress.

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