Gifts for Guys This Christmas


Men – they’re hard to buy for. So if you’d like to make a little more effort than socks this year (though socks are good, everyone needs socks) take a look at these top gifts for guys available at Harvey Norman now.

Sonos Play: 1

This neat little speaker does amazing things with sound, with great clarity and plenty of oomph when you need it. But the best part is that it’s just the first piece in what can be a household-wide system of connected speakers – all controlled by your phone. Imagine the whole house moving to the same beat, or being able to program different songs for different rooms. It’s the beginning of an audio journey!

Garmin Vivofit

Thinking about fitness is a necessary part of everyday life, and there’s no better way to integrate that drive into your daily routine than with a wearable. The Garmin Vivofit keeps you up to date on your steps, calories burned, heart rate and more in a slick unit that’s easy to use and syncs with your software to provide an overview. It also will tell you to get moving if you’ve had a lazy day AND it will run for a year without the need to charge!

X-Mini Uno Capsule Speaker

Smartphones and tablets all do many wonderful things but their external speakers are always a bit disappointing. You can solve that easily be getting an extra speaker which plugs in and gives is some extra power. X-Mini produce tiny little units which are big on sound and easy to store and recharge, you’ll be shocked how much bass you can get out of them.

GoPro Hero

GoPro are the leaders in the field of action cameras – simple and tough units which are designed to capture the most epic moments in your life. So whether the guy in your life is into cycling, running, climbing or anything else they can bring back great memories. And for those more sedate sorts, the GoPro produces stunning time lapses with ease and is rugged enough to survive just about anything, even a dip in the sea.

PS4 White Edition

If you want to earn some serious kudos, consider a step up to the next generation of gaming. The Sony PlayStation 4 (now available in a new white edition) provides incredible graphics and the latest games but also can form the centre of your home entertainment world, with blu-ray playback and plenty of apps like Netflix. Plus there’s social sharing so he can spend time with his mates without having to leave the house!

Harvey Norman Gift Card

And if you simply can’t find that special something but you want to give him the power of choice, a Harvey Norman Gift Card is a brilliant option. It opens up a world of electronics, hardware and homewares to choose from, at stores nationwide.

These are just a few of the amazing Gifts for Guys available at Harvey Norman this Christmas, so find your local store and come in to find out more.

In Short: Notoriously difficult to buy for, the human male is an illusive beast. Thankfully we’ve got top tips for how to satisfy their present-based urges!

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