Introducing the Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch


This week saw the announcement of a new addition to the Fitbit family: the Fitbit Ionic, which will be available in Harvey Norman stores in early October.


The latest smart watch from Fitbit is a high-tech piece of equipment designed to help you make the most of your exercise sessions.

Dynamic Personal Workouts complete with on-screen guidance during moves and routines provide unique and customisable workouts tailored to your needs.

It comes with built-in GPS with GLONASS and displays key stats like pace and distance on the screen for quick and easy access.

The Fitbit Ionic monitors your heart rate using PurePulse technology for accurate and reliable heart rate readings.

All-Day Activity Tracking takes note of the steps walked, distance travelled, floors climbed, calories burned and your active minutes, providing you with a comprehensive overview the impact of your daily routine on your body.


The Fitbit Ionic is suitable for use with a wide variety of activities and exercises including walking, jogging, running and cycling, plus swimming.

Indeed, the Fitbit Ionic is water resistant for up to 50 metres and can track swim workouts with a number of stats including lap counting and duration.

You can also track how well you sleep and how long you spend in the light, deep and REM sleep stages.

Other useful features include the ability to store and play more than 300 songs, a built-in NFC chip for storing and using your credit cards via the tracker, and a multi-day battery that offers over 4 days of usage, ensuring all your vital stats are recorded for review.

The Fitbit Ionic is manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminium, making it Fitbit’s lightest yet strongest smart watch yet.

The Fitbit Ionic is available in Charcoal, Burnt Orange and Blue Grey colour options and goes on sale from October.

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