Android Oreo: Everything You Need to Know


After months of mystery and plenty of speculation about what the ‘O’ stood for, Google finally revealed its latest Android operating system last week.

Android Oreo, also known as the Android 8 update, is set to be Google’s biggest and brightest operating system yet and will come with a whole suite of forward-thinking features designed to simplify smartphone functions and make our smartphone interactions more fun.

The picture-in-picture feature, for instance, is an incredibly smart addition that enables users to continue watching videos on a miniaturised virtual screen while they use other apps i.e. you can use Gmail while watching a YouTube video.

Similarly, Google has revamped its notification options to be less intrusive: you can block or edit individual notification channels or use little visual indicators called notification dots to let you know if an app requires your attention.

Android Oreo is also designed to reduce battery wastage, as the operating system’s new background limits restrict what apps can do while running in the background.

Limiting an apps background activities, such as location updates, can have a notable effect on your smartphone’s battery and will help to keep your device powered for longer.

Another handy feature of Android Oreo is its Autofill APIs, which allow users to add password manager apps to the OS for instantaneous access, while the improved keyboard makes it easier for users to navigate through the operating system.

Last, but definitely not least, Android Oreo will feature better audio quality than previous operating systems and number of enhancements for Google’s dedicated camera app.

Android Oreo will be available on Google’s Pixel and Nexus handsets within the next few weeks, and will be made available to other Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Nokia by the end of the year.

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