Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Charged for Longer


The smartphone battery can be a temperamental piece of technology at best. Depending on how often you use your smartphone during the day and what you use it for, you may find your battery’s life last far shorter than you would like it to. The following tips will help to keep your smartphone battery charged for longer.

Tip 1: Dim Screen Brightness

While a bright and bold screen makes it easier to read and watch things on your smartphone, it also drains your battery at a frightening rate. Most smartphones today come with an auto-brightness feature that consumes less battery than a fully lit screen, so use this. You can also choose to keep your screen at the lowest brightness setting, which will greatly contribute to a longer battery life.

Tip 2: Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS

Unless you’re using them, always try to keep your smartphone’s WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS features switched off as these are serious offenders when it comes to battery drain. Many apps use WiFi or GPS, so make sure you check in the Settings section that these features have been revoked for your various apps.

Tip 3: Remember to Close Apps

It’s never a great idea to leave an app running in the background as it will consume lots of battery, especially if it’s a task heavy app like Facebook or Twitter. Remember to close apps once you’ve finished using them, and avoid running multiple apps at once.

Tip 4: Turn off Notifications

Turning off non-essential notifications (i.e. everything bar calls and texts) will help to conserve battery life. Most apps feature notifications so turn them off. Switching off your smartphone’s vibrate function will also help to extend battery life.

Tip 5: Turn on Power-saving

Most modern smartphones come with a power-saving mode that automatically switches off the most battery-taxing features. The power-saving mode will keep your smartphone charged for longer, so remember to turn it on when you’re running low on power.

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