Wireless Speaker Gift Guide


Listening to your tunes on your headphones is a perfectly acceptable experience but sometimes you just want to go load – and that means you need a Bluetooth wireless speaker!

If you're looking for a Christmas present for the music lover in your life, give them the gift of volume – the chance to take their tracks to new heights of bass and clarity, and get ready to fill the room with music!

The advantages are many and varied. You get a much bigger sound, with many wireless speakers also capable of seriously deep bass and in a package which is deliciously free from the bother of wires.

Many of these speakers also have long-lasting rechargeable batteries which give you even more freedom and the accessibility of Bluetooth means setting up a connection is a cinch – from your phone, tablet or computer.

What’s more, many of these speakers are slim and stylish and can be set up to take over your tuneage the second you come in the door from work. Check out the range of available options below, with prices starting from €99.

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Bose SoundLink® Speaker

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In Short: Get the most out of your music with these Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers which give you the freedom to enjoy your tunes your way

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