Share Live Video with the Facebook Spaces VR App


Last week saw the addition of a live streaming video feature to the Facebook Spaces virtual reality app, enabling users to live stream from Facebook Spaces to the main Facebook platform.

This essentially allows other Facebook users to view Facebook Spaces virtual reality videos as they occur in real time, and viewers can interact with Facebook Spaces broadcasts by commenting on the video.

The below video does a great job of explaining how it works:


Speaking about the new addition, Facebook said in a blog post:

‘Facebook Live is already one of the most immediate and interactive ways to share moments with friends. By going live from Facebook Spaces, you can share a whole new kind of moment with friends and family directly from VR. Whether you’re touring exotic locations across the globe in 360, collaborating on a virtual marker masterpiece, or riffing on a viral video, the people who matter most to you can now follow along in real time on Facebook.

When you go live from Facebook Spaces, you’ll have a virtual camera that you can position anywhere in your space to capture the action. Friends on Facebook can comment on your broadcast and ask you questions to participate in the moment with you — and you can even see their reactions in VR. You’ll see a stream of friends’ comments and can pull out your favorites as physical objects that everyone in the space can interact with — a great way to highlight compelling questions and clever one-liners from your friends.’

Facebook Spaces was launched back in April, and is the social media giant’s very first virtual reality app for the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift headset.

It’s currently available to download in its beta form from the Oculus Store, and you can access and use the Facebook Spaces live streaming feature right away.

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