Twitter Adds 69 New Emojis


Twitter has added 69 new emojis from the Emoji 5.0 collection to its custom emoji set, including flags for England, Scotland and Wales in addition to a woman in a Hijab and dinosaurs.

As revealed by Twitter designer Bryan Haggerty and detailed in a blog post from Emojipedia, the Emoji 5.0 collection features a total of 239 new emojis, which equals 69 unique new images once duplicates and skin tone options are removed.

Twitter is the first major web platform to support Emoji 5.0, but there is a slight catch as the 69 new emojis are only visible on the desktop version of Twitter for the time being.

This is due to the fact that many of the new emojis use characters that come from Unicode 10.0, which is yet to be released for iOS and Android devices.

Thankfully, Google last week announced the upcoming Android O operating system will support Emoji 5.0, and Apple will likely add support to its upcoming iOS 11 software update.

Emoji 5.0 includes nine new smileys such as star-struck, exploding head, face vomiting and shushing face.

Three gender inclusive emojis feature, plus the aforementioned woman in a Hijab, breast-feeding woman and a man with a beard.

The update also sees the arrival of fantasy characters such as wizards and mermaids as well as emojis for activities including woman climbing and a man in a lotus position.

Some of the new animal emojis include a T-Rex, giraffe, hedgehog and zebra, while the food and drink category has added a coconut, pretzel, canned food and dumpling among others.

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