Gaming PC Guide Part 2: Mouse, Keyboard and Speaker


Welcome to part 2 of our Gaming PC Guide. The first part of the guide covered the Acer Predator Core i7 CPU and the AOC 27-inch Gaming Monitor, and this entry focuses on your new gaming PC’s mouse, keyboard and speaker .

Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04

The Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 mouse is specifically designed for serious gamers. Building upon years of research and experience, the Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 features seven fully programmable buttons with internal memory, a gaming grade PMW3360 IR LED sensor with 32-bit high speed MCU, and comfortable body with a fingerprint resistance surface and rubber textured grip.

Creative Vanguard K08 Mechanical Keyboard

The Creative Vanguard K08 Mechanical Keyboard features ultra-responsive OMRON mechanical switches, 109 customisable keys and anti-ghosting technology. Developed for high actions per minute gaming and comfortable playing, each of this highly durable keyboard’s switches can withstand over 70 million keystrokes so you’ll never have to worry about gaming too hard.

Similarly, you won’t have to worry about input lag, jams or ghosting as the Creative Vanguard K08 Mechanical Keyboard offers a 25 percent faster response and 12.5 percent faster actions per minute than rival keyboards. Simply put, the Creative Vanguard K08 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the fastest and most reliable gaming keyboards on the market.

Logitech Z-506 PC Speakers

The Logitech Z-506 PC Speakers provide a massive 5.1 sound perfect for delivering high-quality video game audio. Fully enjoy music, sound effects and voice acting of your favourite video games with these surround sound speakers, complete with dedicated bass control, 3D stereo and 75 watts of speaker power. Additionally, the Logitech Z-506 PC Speakers can be connected to a range of electronic devices other than PCs, including video game consoles, smartphones, TVs, tablets, Blu-ray players and more.

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