12 Inch Apple iPad Pro Coming in 2015


Apple just announced its new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, but more tablet additions could be on the way in 2015.

We’ve been hearing rumours about a possible iPad Pro tablet for a while now. Sporting a 12 inch screen, this device would be geared more as a complete laptop replacement, with plenty of power and the ability to run full MacOS software; somewhat like Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

While some rumours suggested it might debut during a recent Apple announcement it failed to appear, making it more likely that the iPad Pro will be customer’s hands in 2015.

Apple has seen tablet sales falling since 2012, with increased competition from Android tablets in particular and the realisation that most users don’t need a new tablet every year. One potential solution is to move into a new space and present a new product – in this case a tablet with a larger screen and the ability to use full-featured versions of software.

Apple may also phase out some of its smaller tablets, such as the iPad Mini 3, in favour of a bigger form factor as they respond to an increasing screen-size trend. The company had already seen a positive response in the audience reaction to the iPhone 6 Plus phablet, which sports a 5.5 inch screen.

Expect a full announcement of the Apple iPad Pro in 2015.

In Short: After the success of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is looking to move into yet more new territory with the massive iPad Pro

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