Google Glass Has Been Banned in Cinemas


You'll no longer be able to wear your Google Glass into the cinema.

In a move that's probably not very surprising, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) And National Association of TheatreOwners (NATO) have banded together to get a law passed which prohibits the use of wearable devices in cinema screens.

It was only a matter of time before this kind of ruling was made, given the easy access to high quality video recording available right on the side of the Glass. Perfect copies of movies could have been recorded and shared illegally with minimum effort on the part of the pirater.

The use of recording devices in cinemas is a great place to start enforcing these rules but Google Glass is already restricted in other areas like Las Vegas, bars and more. In the case of a person who, for example, paid extra money to get a prescription version of Glass, this could prove to be very problematic.

As wearables become more subtle, including smartwatches with HD video recording on your wrist, these measure are going to become more and more common but despite these potential restrictions the future is bright for devices like fitness tracker. These dedicated objects post no security threat and are designed to be worn all the time without the need to be constantly charged and with comfort in mind.

As for the future of Google Glass, the initial version released by the company was always a first step, a pricey proof of concept which was never actually rolled out as a full retail product. We would expect news on a more affordable and lighter design next year, with a better camera and battery life and a lot more thought put into exactly what people might use such a device for.

But even then, you should be careful not to get caught bringing one into the cinema!

In Short: Google Glass, the wearable Android computing device, has just been banned in cinemas in the US in concerns over piracy

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