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In the thirteen years since the founding of Facebook, the company has continually expanded its range of services outside of those you’d typically expect from a social network.

This continued this week as it was revealed that Facebook has added a new Order Food feature to the Facebook web and mobile app.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new feature allows Facebook users to order food directly from restaurants through the social media channel, which they can have delivered to their home or kept for collection at the restaurant.

The feature is located in the side bar of the Facebook web app and the mobile app’s main menu and consists of a list of local restaurants that are part of the service.

Once accessed, users can pick a restaurant, their chosen meal and decide whether they want to have the food delivered or if they want to pick it up, plus an estimated time for delivery.

It’s believed that the new feature is a result of Facebook’s partnership with Delivery.com and Slice, two food delivery services the company joined forces with back in October of last year.

The new Order Food feature is part of a wider push from Facebook to provide users with services offered by other tech companies and to establish itself as a one stop provider for a wide range of everyday services.

Facebook isn’t alone in its expansion into the food delivery service market: transportation app Uber recently announced the UberEats food delivery service, although this particular service is available through a separate app rather than the established Uber app.

Facebook’s new Order Food feature is available for select US users only at the moment but it’s likely that the company will make it accessible in other countries once general testing has been completed.

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