Samsung Prepares to Reveal the World’s First Stretchable Display


Electronics giant Samsung’s recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has received plenty of praise from consumers and critics alike for its almost bezel-less display.

Indeed, the Galaxy S8’s ‘Infinity Display’ is easily the device’s biggest selling point and Samsung’s dedication to advancing smartphone hardware appears to have paid off.

The South Korean company isn’t resting on its laurels however, as it will be unveiling a new type of display for electronic devices at the upcoming Society for Information Display (SID) 2017 tech fair, which is taking place on May 23 to 25 in Los Angeles .

As reported by Yonhap News Agency, Samsung said it will showcase the world’s first stretchable OLED display during a special event at SID 2017.

Samsung’s stretchable OLED display is capable of bending in both directions, an impressive feat when you consider the fact that up until now stretchable displays have been able to bend in one direction only.

Samsung also stated that the display can stretch up to 12mm when pressed and still retain a high degree of resolution, and that it would showcase a 9.1-inch version of the stretchable display at the fair.

A stretchable OLED display that can be bent in both directions would be quite a technological feat and would give Samsung a unique edge over other smartphone competitors.

The company has allegedly been working on a foldable smartphone for a number of years but this marks the first time we’ll get to see its stretchable technology in practice and we’ll hopefully hear about potential applications.

In addition to the aforementioned foldable smartphone, Samsung’s stretchable display could be used in other electronic devices such as smart watches and tablets, plus larger devices like ultra-thin TVs and computer monitors.

We’ll keep you updated about what is likely going to be another game changing piece of technology for Samsung.

(Image credit: Yonhap News Agency)

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