Eircom to offer super-fast home broadband from 2015


Eircom is to begin offering “super-fast” broadband to homes and businesses in 66 towns of the country from next year.

The high-end broadband network will see Irish homes get broadband speeds of approximately one gigabit per second. That’s approximately 10 times quicker than what is available on Eircom’s existing network. And this is fast enough to download a high-definition movie in less than one minute.

The new Eircom service will roll out initially in Kilkenny, Cavan and Letterkenny. Work in rolling out the new connections will begin next month and it’s expected that construction will take approximately six months.

Most high-speed broadband connections utilise fibre optic lines running to a cabinet in the street with the connection to the house running over copper wire. This new service will see fibre optic cable routed into users’ dwellings.

Eircom’s news comes in the wake of the partnership between ESB and Vodafone receiving the green light from the European Union to proceed with a new €450m fibre broadband network. This network aims to bring super-fast broadband to 500,000 Irish homes and businesses in large towns and cities over the next three years.

Eircom plans to extend the network to areas of all five major cities, major regional centres and every county town in Ireland. However, it is expected that the service will only target towns that have several thousand people and therefore will not be rolled out in rural areas.

In Short: Eircom has announced plans to roll out a new super-fast broadband network to homes and businesses in major towns and cities across Ireland from next year.

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