Samsung QLED TV: Q Style to Suit Your Home


Aside from its stunning picture quality, the most impressive element of the new Samsung QLED TV is its beautiful design. Elegant and minimalistic, the Samsung QLED TV blends into its surroundings and is suitable for a wide variety of interiors whether they be modern or traditional, spacious or limited.

Quick and Easy

The Samsung QLED TV is quick and easy to install and can be mounted to your living room wall in a short space of time. Simply install the wall mount kit into the back of the TV, attach the power cable and near-invisible optical cable, set up the hanger kit and finally hang the TV and adjust the angle.

You can of course also choose to display the TV on the robust stand it’s supplied with, but we highly recommend mounting it to a wall for an unrivalled viewing experience.

Near-Invisible Optics

In keeping with the TV’s minimalistic design, the Samsung QLED TV utilises just two cables, the aforementioned power cable and near-invisible optic cable. The latter can connect the TV to devices through the One Connect box, so you can place devices further away from the TV and in turn free up more space in your living room.


Perfect Mounting

If you decide to mount the Samsung QLED TV to your living room wall then we suggest that you do so using the official Samsung No-Gap Wall Mount, which mounts the TV flat against the wall leaving practically no space in between. Simple and quick to install, the No-Gap Wall Mount can be adjusted horizontally to level the TV even after its been mounted, and you can also tilt the TV to achieve the perfect viewing angle no matter where you’re sitting in the room.

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