Introducing QLED: Samsung’s Revolutionary New TV


Today’s posts take a look at one of Harvey Norman’s most impressive recent arrivals, the incredible and flawlessly realistic Samsung QLED TV. Available in two sizes and in both curved and straight options, Samsung’s QLED TV offers breath-taking true-to-life picture quality that transports viewers right into the action.


Quantum dot LED (QLED) TVs represent the very pinnacle of television technology. Samsung’s ground-breaking QLED TVs provide Certified Ultra HD Premium picture quality and 100% Colour Volume, resulting in a realistic viewing experience rivalled by no other TV on the market. Simply put, this is one of the most advanced TVs money can buy.

Q Picture, Q Style, Q Smart

The TV’s 100% Colour Volume ensures you enjoy perfect viewing angles from every angle by transforming light into perfect colour. Complimented by the TV’s minimalistic design complete with a stunning full metal back and almost bezel-less screen, the Samsung QLED TV’s unsurpassed viewing experience will blow you away. As expected, the TV comes with a range of smart features so you can easily browse and access your favourite apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and you can even control the TV through your mobile device.


Quantum Dot Explained

QLED stands for quantum dot light emitting diode, the type of technology used in these TVs. Quantum dot TVs feature a super thin layer of quantum dots placed in front of a conventional LED backlight panel. Each quantum dot is between 2 and 10 nanometres in size and emits a specific colour depending on its size, and Samsung QLED TVs are capable of producing over a billion colours.

This short and informative video fully explains the benefits of this advanced technology.


Ultra HD Premium

With access to over a billion shades of colour and unbeatable HDR, the Samsung QLED TV is the definition of Ultra HD Premium televisions. If you’re looking for the most advanced TV on the market, then you should seriously consider upgrading to the Samsung QLED TV.


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