iPhone 8 Expected to Feature a 3D Front Camera


It’s been ten years since the iPhone was first released and in the time since Apple has just about managed to stay ahead of its competitors and continue to lead the smartphone market.

Apple’s consistent dominance of the smartphone market has been in part a result of the forward-thinking features found in every generation of the iPhone, and many people are understandably very excited to see what new features the iPhone 8 will come with.

As Apple gears up to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 8 an increasing number of rumours and speculations about the 10th anniversary model have hit the web.

The latest rumour comes courtesy of the Korea Economic Daily (via The Investor), and suggests that the iPhone 8 will feature a 3D camera in the front of the device for facial recognition features.

The modules used in the 3D camera will be manufactured by LG Innotek, the same company that provided Apple with the dual camera module found in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Just as how Apple has remained at the forefront of the smartphone industry, LG Innotek itself is recognised as the smartphone camera module market leader thanks to its advanced technology.

Rival Samsung’s recently released Galaxy S8 smartphone also features facial recognition technology, albeit 2D tech rather than the iPhone 8’s rumoured 3D tech.

3D facial recognition camera systems are able to achieve a far greater level of accuracy over 2D systems, and are said to rival fingerprint recognition in terms of detail accuracy.

The iPhone 8’s supposed 3D facial recognition technology will likely be used for security purposes in addition to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, providing owners with plenty of options for keeping their smartphone safe and secure.

There’s no word yet as to when Apple will unveil the iPhone 8, but we may hear something about it at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference taking place in a few weeks.

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