Turn Your Selfies into Stickers with Google Allo


Google has just introduced a brand new feature for its smart messaging app Allo that turns selfies into super fun personalised stickers.

The new feature is very easy-to-use: simply take a selfie while using Google Allo and the app will automatically generate a personalised illustration of you, complete with a range of customisation options so you can tweak the sticker to look exactly like you want it to.

As revealed in a blog post from Jennifer Daniels, the Expressions Creative Director for the Google Allo app, the new feature is powered by neural networks machine learning and features illustrations and artworks from professional artists.

Speaking about the feature, Daniels said:

‘To create an illustration of you that captures the qualities that would make it recognizable to your friends, we worked alongside an artistic team to create illustrations that represented a wide variety of features…rather than aim to replicate a person’s appearance exactly, pursuing a lower resolution model, like emojis and stickers, allows the team to explore expressive representation by returning an image that is less about reproducing reality and more about breaking the rules of representation.’

While a number of other companies like Bitmoji have offered a selfie-into-sticker service for some time, the new Google Allo feature marks the first instance in which machine learning has been used in this capacity i.e. machine learning maps the user’s selfie, generating the structure, animations and colours used in the stickers.

Daniels also noted that the Allo team is working with a number of artists to create different styles of stickers for future releases, indicating that Google expects its new selfie-into-sticker feature to prove popular with Google Allo users.

The new feature is available now for Google Allo Android users and will soon be available for iOS.

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