Five Good Reasons to Mount Your TV


An increasing number of homeowners are deciding to mount their TV to the wall and for good reasons too. From saving space to keeping the little ones safe, mounting your TV to the wall is beneficial for you, your family and your home.

1. Children and Pets

Young children and curious pets can be at risk if you have a large unsecured television sitting on a TV stand in your living room. TVs are no longer the bulky beasts they once were and flat screen TVs are relatively easy to unseat once you apply a little pressure. Mounting your TV to the wall prevents unnecessary accidents from TVs toppling over and keeps young children and pets safe and sound.

2. Save Space

Mounting your TV to the wall can free up a large amount of space in the living room, which will obviously make the room more spacious and as a result more comfortable and calming. The great thing about mountable TVs is they can be mounted to both concrete and wood walls, providing you with more options for your living room plan.

3. Perfect Viewing Angle

One of the most common reasons why homeowners mount TVs is to achieve the optimal viewing angle and ensure the picture can be seen perfectly from every angle. Mounting your TV removes the risk of eye or neck strain, allowing you to fully relax and unwind when watching your favourite shows. Similarly, mounting your TV helps to avoid glare from natural and interior light.

4. Upgrade Your Living Room

In addition to increasing the amount of space available in your living room, mounting your TV improves the décor of a living room by hiding the TV’s wires. It also looks considerable slicker than a TV stand and the TV can be positioned as the centrepiece of the room.

5. It’s Easy

Mounting a TV is a quick and relatively easy process. Most TVs can be mounted by one to two people within a matter of minutes, providing you with a quick and satisfactory DIY project.

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