The Sony HT-MT300: New Ways to Hear


Sony has enjoyed a long reputation as one of the world’s greatest technology companies. Year after year, Sony has continued to revolutionise different areas of home entertainment with their forward-thinking electronics products.

From the Walkman to the PlayStation 4, Sony has delighted countless generations and we’re happy to say this trait continues with the company’s latest soundbar, the Sony HT-MT300.

An Immersive Sound

The Sony HT-MT300 2.1-inch Compact Soundbar with Bluetooth Technology provides an immersive sound with harmonious design to deliver the same type of audio quality you’d expect from a cinema. Through use of a wireless subwoofer, the soundbar provides S-Force PRO Front Surround sound with optimal bass, putting the user right there in the action.

The S-Force PRO Front Surround technology is particularly exciting, as it recreates a virtual surround acoustic field even though the soundbar features just two front speakers. What this means is you get high-quality surround sound without the need for multiple speakers, adding space to the room and keeping it free from clutter.

Simple As

The Sony HT-MT300 is incredibly simple to setup and extremely easy-to-use. It offers optical, digital and analogue audio inputs, plus USB. Once connected, you can quickly change settings and control audio playback through your smartphone via the Sony Music Center app, and you can stream music from your smartphone or Bluetooth device straight to the soundbar.

A Good Look

Sony products are famed for their minimalist design, and the HT-MT300 is no different. With soft angles and neutral earth tones, the Sony HT-MT300 works well with all décors and will neatly fit in with any interior style.  Similarly, you can store the subwoofer upright or on its side under your sofa. It even comes with a Sofa Mode that optimises audio to avoid sound loss from sofa cushions.

The Sony HT-MT300 is an amazing soundbar that offers incredible audio quality and a truly cinema-like surround sound.

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