Microsoft Also Has a Smart Watch on the Way


Everyone is getting in on the Smart Watch action these days, with Microsoft the latest to take a punt on the wearable.

The news on the device is slim right now but it is said to include a passive heart rate monitor – all the better because it will use up less of the very important battery. And on the subject of battery, the Microsoft Smart Watch is said to last for up to two days – putting it ahead of most rivals in this space.

Another interesting point is that the watch will support multiple mobile platforms. It’s not yet clear which OS its going to sport itself (though likely not Android Wear) but its pretty clear they want it to sync with as many mobiles as possible.

The other piece of news is that Microsoft is apparently very close to not only announcing but also launching this new device, and it could be out to consumers within the next few weeks.

More news as we get it.

In Short: There’s even more smart watch news today as technology giant Microsoft prepares to go the way of the wearable.

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