iOS 8.1 Available Now – New Features With More on the Way!


Apple has already had a huge year, announcing new handsets, tablets, desktops and their Apple Watch as well as releasing two blockbuster phones in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

They’ve also pushed out the latest version of iOS, with iOS 8 arriving a few weeks back. After some teething problems, version 8.1 has gone live, bringing a host of useful changes.

The biggest news is undoubtedly the addition of Apple Pay, a system which allows for contactless payments with your phone – so you can just hold your handset near a terminal to buy things. Its an amazing system but unfortunately one which doesn’t yet work outside of the United States – though we do hear there’s a plan to get it to Europe as soon as possible.

Beyond that, iOS 8.1 reintroduces the camera roll to smartphones – something which was missing from iOS 7 and caused much upset for users. There’s also an update to iCloudPhoto making it easier than ever to sync your snaps with the cloud and the arrival of Continuity – which allows you to start something (like typing a text) on your phone and finish it on your desktop or MacBook.

The iOS 8.1 update is available now.

In Short: Apple has just released its latest update to its mobile operating system, bring a host of changes and brand new functionality

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