Introducing Marshmallow: Samsung’s New Parental App for Android


Samsung just launched a brand new parental control app designed to help children develop healthy smartphone usage habits based around self-control.

Marshmallow for Android is available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones on the Google Play Store, and helps children develop good smartphone usage habits by putting them in control and rewarding them for achieving their usage goals.

Children are encouraged to create their own smartphone usage plan and can set their daily smartphone usage time limits.

The child is rewarded with Marshmallow points for sticking to usage time limits and loses Marshmallow points when they do not.

Accumulated marshmallow points can be exchanged for gift cards to use with a number of retailers including Amazon and Google Play Store, and children who constantly stick to their usage plans receive Badges and extra Marshmallow points.

Parents decide which apps can be accessed on the smartphone and set a bedtime limit to ensure the kids get a good night’s sleep.

The app also comes with a Marshmallow mode designed to reduce smartphone usage by limiting the number of accessible apps to 8.

In addition, both parents and children can receive daily and weekly usage reports providing detailed information about when the smartphone was used, what it was used for and for how long.

Speaking about the app, Samsung said:

‘Using Samsung Marshmallow, a child learns how to use a smartphone naturally by making his or her own smartphone usage plan, achieving goals, and getting rewarded. Also, parents can use the Marshmallow app to talk about smartphone usage habits with their children.’

Whereas most parental control apps are about restricting access and limiting usage, Marshmallow instead seeks to help children develop a healthy relationship with technology by encouraging good usage habits.

It’s a smart way to counteract the potential negative effects technology can have on young children and may benefit them in other areas of their life related to planning and achieving goals.

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