Google Introduces Automated Translation


Travelling to a foreign place is set to become an easier and more enjoyable experience thanks to a new tool from Google designed to improve our journeys abroad.

The multination technology giant this week announced the introduction of an automatic translator for its user reviews of businesses such as restaurants, bars or shops.

The feature is available via smartphones, and will automatically translate user reviews of businesses to the native language of the smartphone owner.

The benefit of this is of course the ability to quickly find out about new places when you’re abroad just like you would at home here in Ireland.

The feature is super easy-to-use as all you have to do to access it is simply open Google Maps or Search, search for what you’re interested in and the reviews will automatically translate.

This very handy feature can help with planning holidays as user reviews typically provide unique insights about the places you want to visit.

Speaking about the new feature in a blog post, the company said:

‘When you’re traveling somewhere new, two of your biggest challenges can be figuring out where to go and understanding the native language of wherever you are. The next time you’re in a foreign place and want to check out a restaurant or point of interest, Google will translate the review into the language you’ve set on your device.’

The feature also removes the need to copy and paste reviews into translation apps like Google Translate, which in turn speeds up the process of finding where you want to go.

The feature is part of Google’s language translation platform, which has recently been using artificial intelligence technologies to increase the number of languages it can understand.

The platform can currently understand English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Hindi and Vietnamese, and could one day lead to the type of universal translator you commonly find in science fiction stories.

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