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Welcome to the first in a series of posts focussed on helping you to get the most out of your photography. We’ll have several articles in the coming weeks talking about tips and tricks which you can use to enhance your photography skills but today we’re kicking off with the importance of lenses for DSLR users.

Many years ago when I got my first DSLR I also had the basic kit lens which came along with the body. It was a fairly wide lens with little in the way of zoom and I quickly became frustrated by how flat and repetitive my photography was. And then I made an all-important leap – I got another lens.

It may seem obvious but if you have a camera like the Canon 100D White DSLR, which allows you to change the lenses, then you really should do it! There are a range of competitively-priced lenses that are well under €300 each which can make an amazing difference to not only the kind of photos you can produce but also the quality.

If you’ve done any reading about lenses you’ve probably seen mention of the 50mm prime, or the nifty-fifty. These are fixed lenses (meaning they don’t zoom) that are generally quite fast. What that means is the f-stop is usually quite a low number, which means the lens lets in more light and the performance is much better in lower light.

50mm photography at f1.8

Another advantage of a lens with an aperture of – for example – f1.8 is that it produces images which have a small depth of field. That means the portion of the image which is in sharp focus is relatively small. This gives your images a very professional look and allows for creative blurring. It’s also a real advantage when taking portraits of people and making food look really, really tasty!

Another great option for DSLR’s is a zoom – which obviously brings you closer to subjects without having to move your feet but some zooms also have another great feature; a macro mode! This allows you to magnify tiny objects that are close to you to get an entirely different view of things.

Shooting with a macro lens

With just these two extra pieces of equipment, you’ll be prepared for almost anything the world can throw at you and with a bit of practise you’ll be amazed at the quality of the photos you can achieve. Now you just have to get out there and keep snapping away until you get the perfect picture!

Stay tuned for more photography tips and check out the range of cameras and more at Harvey Norman – including the Canon 100D White DSLR which is exclusive to Harvey Norman and the lightest DSLR in the world!

In Short: In the first of a series of guides to getting more out of you photography we investigate how a new lens can open up a world of options for your DSLR

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