Survey Finds Password Management is More Painful Than a Root Canal!


In an increasingly connected world the internet has become a place for everything – communication, commerce, education and more. It’s an incredible resource and one with few real boundaries, until you reach that login wall which demands a password you simply can’t remember…

Online security is a major concern in our modern age, and it’s something which requires users to jump through more and more hoops in order to access the services they want. So it’s no surprise that the act of juggling logins and passwords is one of the most frustrating aspects of our current lives.

A survey by Centrify in the UK focussed on how people’s use of passwords shaped their everyday lives and what they found was quite worrying. Apparently, a massive 17 percent of respondents said that they would rather wilfully set their mobile ring tone as the Macarena for a year than have to manage their passwords. And 7 percent said a root canal was preferable!

Logins are a constant part of our lives, not just in a work context but also for our personal email, social media and e-commerce sites. And each of these sites is trying to toe the line between keeping our accounts secure and not forcing people into a byzantine web of backup questions and text messaging extras.

The result is that we spent a massive amount of time entering passwords, up to 4,000 a year and even with the multiple redundancies up to 38 percent of people have accounts they simply can’t access anymore.

42 percent admitted that they created at least one new account a week, for over 50 a year. Without some sort of system, those details will soon become overwhelming, especially as security becomes more and more tenacious.

What’s the alternative? Cumbersome alphanumeric passwords are a fairly archaic way to access accounts in this day and age so we could well see the dawn of a biometric age – using your unique physical traits as a key. The Apple iPhone 5S’ fingerprint reader is an early example, or something coded to the unique patterns of your eyeball. At least you’ll never have to worry whether it’s in upper or lower case anymore!

In Short: A new survey has looked into the troublesome task of managing passwords in the modern age, and just how much time we spend trying to log into things

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