WhatsApp To Add an ‘Unsend’ Feature


Great news for anyone who’s sent an embarrassing or unintended text to the wrong person; WhatsApp is reportedly adding a new ‘unsend’ feature that allows users to recall messages up to five minutes after the message in question has been sent.

The new feature hasn’t been officially confirmed by WhatsApp yet, but Twitter channel WABetaInfo noticed its temporary addition to the Android v2.17.150 beta test, which includes other WhatsApp updates such as the ability to share your location with other users and the ability to change your number if you’ve purchased a new smartphone or SIM card.

Speaking about the new feature, WABetaInfo tweeted:

‘The revoke feature (called now ‘unsend’) should be available very soon, but probably we should wait until the next iOS official update before.’

It appears that the revoke feature will be added to the tool bar accessed by double tapping or holding down on a sent message.

Users can then edit or recall sent messages before they are read by the recipient for up to five minutes after they’ve sent it.

Although there’s been no official word from WhatsApp about the new feature, WABetaInfo is confident it will be included as part of the next official iOS update due later this year.

WhatsApp tested a version of the feature last year that allowed users to revoke sent messages but only if the recipient hadn’t seen them.

The revoke messages feature will likely be optional when it is introduced and users should be able to turn it off within the Settings menu as they can with other features such as ‘last online’ and ‘read’ notifications.

Providing an option to revoke or edit messages after they’ve been sent is such a great idea you have to wonder why it wasn’t introduced earlier.

Hopefully it arrives sooner rather than later.

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