Googling Your Medical Symptoms Could Soon Give You the Option to Video Call a Doctor


We’ve all been guilty of it – spending so much time Googling our various medical symptoms that by the time we get to meet a doctor we already know exactly what’s wrong with us.

The problem is, we’re just as often wrong and the ease of access to information on every medical condition possible means that self-diagnoses can not only lead people to ignore the need for a GP visit but they can even start treating themselves in ways which could be harmful to their health!

Now, Google is putting some system into motion which might help to make mis-diagnosis at home a thing of the past. In some areas if you search for a common ailment or condition to try to find out more about it, Google will give you the option to talk directly with a doctor.

Apparently this will allow you to have a video conference with an actual medical professional who should be able to give you an idea of whether more serious medical care is needed. It could prove to be an incredibly useful figure, even though the logistics involved in rolling it out in any real scale would be nightmarish.

Right now, the pilot program is being kept small but Google says they will cover the cost of any consultation during the trial period. It’s pretty much certain that a fee will apply if the system ever gets truly up and running but either way it’s another amazing use of technology and might help those users who are reluctant to visit GP’s the diagnosis or spur that they need.

Here’s an idea of what the interface looks like, from Reddit user jasonahoule.

In Short: Google is currently trying out a program which would give access to real-life doctors when they start searching for medical conditions online

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