Steam Generators: A Powerful Alternative to Standard Irons


Following on from today’s blog about what to look for when buying a new iron, we now have a post that takes a look at steam generators and their benefits. Steam generators are a more powerful type of steam iron than traditional irons and can get through a laundry basket in half the time of a standard iron.

Steam generators are the ideal choice for bigger households and can help you stay on top of your ironing.

Water Capacities

The water capacities found in steam generators are considerably larger than those of standard irons. While standard irons usually feature a water capacity of between 250-500 ml, steam generators like the Power Steam Elite from Morphy Richards come with a 2.2 litre water tank, which is up to five times larger than most standard iron models.

In regards to laundry, this means you will be able to iron five times as many clothes as you would with a standard iron without having to refill the tank. The Power Steam Elite from Morphy Richards also features three different steam settings including 170g of instant steam and a 300g steam boost shot, making this steam generator suitable for ironing everything from socks to heavy curtains.

Steam Output

As mentioned above, steam generators are capable of ironing a wide variety of fabrics. This is possible due to the steam generators’ higher steam output, which is measured in bar (units of pressure). Steam generators like the Tefal Steam Generator Iron feature a steam output of 5.2 bar, far stronger than that found in standard irons.

The higher the bar, the stronger the steam pressure output and the better the crease removal. Another benefit of steam generators is the fact that they can iron vertically, so you don’t even need to remove the aforementioned heavy curtains when ironing.

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