Chowbotics Introduces the $30,000 Salad-Making Robot


Chowbotics Inc., an American technology company specialising in the development of robotics for the food industry, has just revealed its first invention: a salad-making robot named Sally.

As revealed in an article from Bloomberg, Sally is a 350 pound robot that takes up the same amount of space as a mini refrigerator and is able to make a total of 1,000 different salads from just 21 ingredients, with each meal taking around 60 seconds to create.

Sally’s list of approved ingredients includes kale, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast and Parmesan among others, and the robot will count calories for you so you know exactly what you’re eating.

The 21 ingredients are prepared separately and inserted into canisters stored inside the robot.

Users then simply place their bowl underneath the dispenser, choose a salad from the vast menu displayed on the machine and their preferred toppings, after which Sally gets to work.

The 350 pound edition of Sally costs $30,000 and is designed specifically for use in industrial settings; Chowbotics founder Deepak Sekar believes that ‘Sally is the next generation of salad restaurant’, and he hopes to see Sally in hotels, convention centres, airports and gyms.

Sekar also notes how Sally could be an important addition to fast food restaurants like McDonalds, saying:

‘If a location installs Sally, they’ll have a thousand kinds of salad, using fresh ingredients, while their kids are eating Big Macs and fries.’

However, Sally’s impressive salad-making skills are just a small but vital step in Chowbotics long-term plans.

The company intends to introduce new options such as Chinese and Mexican foods, opening up the possibilities of where Sally can be installed and for whom it can cater to.

While Chowbotics is currently focused on Sally’s industrial applications, it’s likely the company will develop a smaller version suitable for households in the near future.

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